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 The Lesson Center at Moonlight Music           

Private Lessons and Group Lessons

Moonlight Music offers private music instruction to evolving musicians of all ages and abilities, from beginner to advanced. Our instructors realize that each student has a unique set of needs and goals and have created a flexible teaching program that ensures a high rate of success. 

Above all, making music should be fun! With lessons tailored to the individual, students will learn to play some of their favorite songs while learning about chords, scales, reading and rhythm.


Teachers help and encourage their students to form bands and learn to play in a group. We have our Band Camps in the Summer and Fall and do jam sessions throughout the year. 

 Rock Band Camp    

For 18 years our Rock Band Camp has taken children of all ages and levels of ability and taught them to play in a band together. Each camp runs for one week, Monday-Friday from 10:00am-1:00pm. On Friday we have a concert where the kids get to play on stage in the La Paloma Theater. 

The camp really is a rare opportunity. Musicians grow tremendously in one week of intense practice. The Friday concert puts the children on stage. Graduates of our camp tend to be more confident and outgoing their whole lives. If you can play on a stage in front of a crowd, you can handle anything school throws at you.

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