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 Rock Band Camp           

Our summer band camp is an Encinitas tradition dating back 20 years. It’s so much fun the camp teachers have been doing it since the very first year. Younger teachers went to the camp themselves many years ago.

The camp started when Tracy Pompeo observed a common problem with young musicians: they could play by themselves but not in a group. So we began to assemble our students into bands and teach them to play together. Ages range from around 9 to 17 and we group students based on age, experience level, and taste in music. Of course, if a student wishes to be with their friends we are happy to make that happen. Just say so on your application.

The camp really is a rare opportunity. Musicians grow tremendously in one week of intense practice. The Friday concert puts the children on stage. Graduates of our camp tend to be more confident and outgoing their whole lives. If you can play on a stage in front of a crowd, you can handle anything school throws at you.

Camp Date:

1-week session, Monday- Friday  10:00am- 1:00pm

Summer 2022 Band Camp

June 13-17, June 20-24, 2022

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